How much to start my own business?

I would like to start my own business having a portrait studio. I would like to do this full-time, open up out of a leased building, etc. I am not sure how how much it would be to start, what kind of camera I need, where to find backdrops, and other photography equipment. Do I need to print out the pictures myself, or am i able to have them sent away? Is it recommended that I go to school for this? I have no idea where to start! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!



  1. Evan B
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    Yes, you should go to school and/or intern with an established studio. This is not an easy business to get into nowadays: the market is extremely saturated with low-end photography. The only way to be successful is to be competitive on quality, rather than price. The only way to be competitive on quality is through training and experience. Simply buying the right equipment counts for next to nothing if you don't know how to use it. Further, you need to be a keen businessperson in addition to a strong photographer. If you have to ask what you need, you're not ready to be successful. This isn't to say that you never will be successful: just that you've got a long road ahead before its time to open your doors.
  2. just me!
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    im not sure how much all the equipment is you ll need but you can advertise it with google advertisment. hope i helped. good luck!

  3. vienna2001
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    I don’t mean to be argumentative, but if you know absolutely nothing about the business, how do you know you want to start one?

    Anyway, to answer your money question, have US$100,000 at your disposal.

    Just my 2 pesos.

  4. Mellisa R
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    Go to school. Junior colleges offer photography classes.

  5. Brent Y
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    Your best bet is a franchise operation like PortraitEfx or Glamour Shots. They train you, supply all the equipment, put together a marketing program, in essence do much of the groundwork you need – of course, it’s not free, and you can expect to need $100K (as was said) for the complete costs and operating expenses until business starts flowing.

    Before jumping in, look VERY carefully at your demographics and competition wherever you’re going. I was forced to move to the town my father lives in because of his illness, and admittedly didn’t do enough research. I made a few mistakes, and now I’m trying to avoid going broke.

  6. mike
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    it sounds like you are jumping in at the deep end. you need to get some more info and experience or you may loose your money.
    you need to get a DSLR
    research the business side of the project
    and shoot shoot shoot any one and every one you can.
    build up your equipment and find out if you are good at it first before you try to set up full on.
    Good luck

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